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Agrofaune Estrie offers a diverse range of services that can respond to a multitude of issues. All of our services are offered in the form of a global or à la carte wildlife management package. The first step is to contact us...

The first meeting is free!


Our depredation or wildlife management service involves trapping non-sporting and harmful species such as raccoon, porcupine, skunk and groundhog. It can also include trapping black bears. These species require an annual control to balance out population on agricultural land.


For sporting species (deer, bears, wild turkey, etc.), a proper management of hunting efforts can work wonders. We create custom management plans for our clients; it consists in determining the minimum number of individuals to harvest by species, by property and by sector, to control or reduce the populations present. We will supervise the hunters currently in place in order to achieve the objectives and will find the additional hunters if needed. Our professional team will insure the respect of your land, of your privacy and of your rules.


This service is made of various elements which are also available à la carte: creation of the harvest plan, establishment of a hunting plan and supervision of hunters.


The SOS Wildlife service is a multi-use service that every landowner can rely upon if necessary. The latter will be necessary, for example, in the case of a crow invasion following the sowing of corn, or if a major flock of snow geese is stampeding your field or for any other major, non-recurring problem that may occur with fauna. The service offers rapid intervention to limit possible damage. A service call is estimated at $250. A rapid intervention will be made, and after an evaluation we will come up with suggestions to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again soon. Our evaluation includes pricing the required intervention. The owners participating in our global wildlife management service can count on a free S.O.S call.


We also offer municipal and residential depredation and wildlife control services in the Eastern Townships and Haut-Saint-François regions. We are a turnkey resource for your problems with raccoons, skunks, beavers, coyotes and other pests in the municipalities of Sherbrooke, Magog, Orford, Ascot, Windsor, Brompton and the surrounding area.

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